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Dunrobin, ON, Canada | June 26, 2012

Ms. Clegg’s knowledge and understanding comes from a public affairs career in politics, government, business and industry across Canada, and she has spent more than 40 years honing her expertise. She was once a journalist for the CBC and a political adviser. She has also worked with the Canadian National Department of Defense.

She has now mastered the areas of problem-solving, writing, client services and the delivery of strategic communications. These capabilities have allowed her to form Cindy Clegg Communications, and offer her services in high-level strategic communication throughout Ontario for the last 11 years. As the president of her own communications solutions enterprise, Ms. Clegg works directly with each of her clients to develop unique communication strategies to best fit their business needs.

Ms. Clegg is recognized in Ottawa as a professional strategic communication specialist, and she has taken journalism courses through Carleton University. Her hard work and dedication to each of her clients over the years has encouraged her to reach success, and she intends to continue building her resume. In the future, she hopes to provide communication solutions to large companies in particular, and continue solving the business problems that others may face.

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